Who is Seth Hopkins?

Until I turned 5, my family lived in a trailer park in New Ipswich, NH.  My father was a roofer and my mother cut meat at the local general store; they celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary this spring.  When my second brother came along, my parents took a big risk on a better future for all of us and bought their first house just across the state line in Ashby, Massachusetts, which they still live in today.  Their hard work and family-first sacrifice have deeply influenced the man I am.

I attended the public schools and was president of my graduating class of 254 students in 1994.  I was also named the DAR Good Citizen.  From there, I went to a little school up the road you may have heard of called Middlebury College.  A car accident and the financial burden of Middlebury tuition ended that, and I finished my degree summa cum laude as a commuter student at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, while working 20-25 hours a week to pay tuition.  I rose to leadership in local and regional civic organizations, and served both as organist and treasurer of my church.  For five years, I taught public high school history.

My wife Olya and I chose to move to Brandon in 2005.  Since then, we have been blessed with three daughters, all born at home in Brandon:  Klara in 2006, Agatha in 2008, and Renata in 2010.   For the past fourteen years, we have been self-employed in Vermont tourism, bringing hikers and bicyclists from all over North America and the world beyond to spend their vacation and their money in Brandon and surrounding towns.


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